It’s Sunday July 15, the date we have all been awaiting for over a month.

Croatia and France are both hoping to win and hoist what was originally called the Jules Rimet Trophy (1930 to 1970).  It is now known as the iconic FIFA World Cup Trophy.  Only one of them will earn that opportunity over the next 90+ minutes.  Who will it be?

Pele and the Jules Rimet trophy

Will Croatia or France earn the chance to kiss the iconic trophy  FIFA World Cup trophy today?

Two hundred and eleven teams from across the globe began the qualification stages hoping to earn a chance to be one of the teams joining host Russia in the 32 team field.  This isn’t an American version of World Championships, where we invite a token Canadian team (or sometimes not) and lay claim to being the Worlds best.

Being a FIFA World Cup Champion, means just that…Champion of the World!

A few facts about todays game:

81,000 – Capacity of the Luzhniki Stadium which will host today’s final.

1.1 billion – Global TV audience for the final four years ago between Germany and Argentina.

3.4 billion – The number of people around the world who have watched some of the World Cup this year – nearly half the total world population of 7.6bn, according to research company GlobalWebIndex.

Our experts weigh in on the final picks…

Picking Croatia  

Matt Bernard
Sally Ziemer
Margi Osmundson
Renee Ziemer
Antonio Garcia
Don Shaffer
Vinnie Cortezzo
Marty Kinahan
Roy Vega

Picking France

Mike Friesen
Kai Edwards
Jeremy Gunn
Kevin Christensen
Ian Mork
Joe Hunter
Chris Ziemer
Andy Farrant
Dwayne Shaffer
Benjamin Ziemer
Tim Maycock
Lee Summerscales
Gabe Rood
Emiria Salzmann
Ely Ziemer
Chris Daly
Kelcey Chaidez
Crystal Chaidez
Gabby Ziemer
Marcus Ziemer

in Sweden – still waiting for pick at kickoff – Andrew Ziemer

Enjoy the game!

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