I’m getting ready to board my flight in San Francisco and will be in Paris before too long.  Caught the tail end of Canada’s win at the airport.

Side of veggies and Canada vs Cameroon

Working on my selfie game at the airport

This morning I helped my wife start her Kinder Kickz Soccer Camp in Santa Rosa.  I couldn’t help but notice the all female coaching staff ready to teach the almost 90 young boys and girls.  They all do a great job and it is always great to see girls not just playing soccer but coaching and directing too!  It’s no secret that we need more female coaches and we are happy to help give them a start.

Kinder Kickz Soccer Camp coaches

I’ve enjoyed watching the first few days of the event from the US, but I am beyond excited to experience it live.  Below are a few of my favorite images from the first few games:

6.1 Million viewers watched England’s opening game setting a new record for women’s soccer viewers in England!

My next image will be from France!

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