And then there were eight teams…

As we head into the quarterfinals, the pre tournament sentiments of this being the deepest field ever has proven true.  I’m not saying every team has a chance (or equal chance) to win, but the rest of the tournament will provide interesting match-ups and likely exciting games.

I think all of the teams except Sweden have a chance to win the next game.   I just don’t see Sweden getting past Germany.

While I think it is unlikely that Italy beats Netherlands, they are my sleeper team of the tournament.  It’s possible others were aware of their quality heading into the tournament, but I knew nothing about them until I saw them play live.

Norway impressed against Australia and certainly can make waves.  They will face England however, one of the teams with the quality and confidence to win it all.

It’s a shame that the US and France have to meet so early and in another set up, it could easily be the final.

It’s going to be an exciting few days as we see who advances to the semifinals!

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