I wavered back and forth on the US vs France game.  Who would win?  Initially, I was thinking it was all US.  Then, in the days leading up to the game, I swayed back and forth.  The more I analyzed the game, the less certain I was.  At the end of a piece I wrote a few days ago, I finished with the following:

I’m not ready to pick this one yet.  Of course I want the USA to win every time they play.  The question is will they?

I have another day before I need to answer that one…

Nearing game time, I was texting with Kevin Christensen, my colleague at Sonoma Academy.  I consider Kevin my go to basketball expert, but I’m beginning to think he should be my go to soccer guy too.  Last summer he finished on top of the Men’s World Cup picks with four other soccer coaches.

Jeremy Gunn still unbeatable…but he shares the podium with four others

About 15 minutes before kickoff Kevin texted me “USA 2 – France 1 – my prediction”…really he did, I’m not making this up.

My reply was less convincing…”I’m still torn, obviously I want the US to win.  If we play well, I think the US wins.  If not, France is good enough to beat us.  My gut is telling me France.”

To which Kevin replied…”Well my gut, which was tops in last years selections amongst top soccer minds in the nation, tells me USA.”  Kevin likes to remind me of his ability to pick the correct results of soccer games.  I have a feeling I will be hearing about this one all year…it’s all good, he deserves it.

For me the turning point switching from uncertain to France edging the US was when I saw the starting lineup was announced and Lindsey Horan wasn’t in it.  I love watching her play and thinks she brings tremendous value to the US team.  She is a settling presence on the ball and I think she was missed against Spain.

In the end, US coach Jillian Ellis got it right.  And Kevin did too.

And me, I’m on to grapple about the US vs England game…stay tuned, it will be another game time decision although I’m not sure what is holding me back from going all-in with the US.

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